Anti wrinkle serum effective in 15 minutes with Pycnogenol® & hyaluronic acid

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The perfect partner for a lifted skin and redefined volumes. Mirabilift 10+ Reverskin® is an ultra-concentrate anti-aging serum, enriched with Pycnogenol®, the most powerful natural anti wrinkles. This face serum reduces by 20% wrinkles after only 15 minutes from the first use thanks to 28% of anti-aging ingredients. The anti-aging serum hinders severe wrinkles, loss of tone, redness and dark spots.


Lines and severe wrinkles

Skin face relaxation


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Natural anti aging serum

Lifting effect & resculpting / Ideal for mature skin and severe wrinkles

“Ideal for mature skin and severe wrinkles”

Chiara Catalani }Cosmetologist & Pharmacist, Zoé Cosmetics Founder

Resculpting | Smooth the oval face
Patented active of natural origin

Antioxidant | Illuminating
Patented active of natural origin
Mature skin, marked age signs
Skin type
Mature skin with hyperpigmentation shows diverse signs of aging. This anti-wrinkle serum works against 10 aging signs, severe wrinkles, loss of tone, firmness, spots and redness
Anti-dark spot serum
The action on face
The high Pycnogenol® concentration reduces even severe wrinkles, just after 15 minutes, effectively working on brown spots on face. A global anti-aging treatment with redensifying and redefining performance
How to apply serum
Zoe's tip
Apply morning and evening before daily treatment to face, neck and décoletté, cleansed and toned. Thanks to a silky texture, the anti-aging serum rapidly absorbs bringing a soft and lifted skin

Data sheet

Skin type
Mature skin and hyperpigmentation
Face serum
Anti wrinkle, lifting effect
Trattamento antietà
When to apply
Morning, night
Benefits and results specs
Zoé cosmetics offer visible and long-lasting results, ensuring cutaneous and eye compatibility. The results may vary from person to person, depending on the skin type and specific concerns. Choose the cosmetic that fits you

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