Eye contour cream for wrinkles with filler effect on eye bags -30% & dark circles -50%

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The perfect partner for fresh and radiant eyes. Shine Booster is the most effective eye cream for wrinkles, dark circles and under eye bags, because of the high concentration of soothing and brightening ingredients. Our lip contour and eye wrinkle cream stimulates microcirculation while ensuring proven results after only 28 days (-30% under eye bags / - 50% dark circles).


Under eye bags and dark circles

Fine lines and fatigue


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Natural eye wrinkle cream

Lifting effect & anti wrinkle eye cream / Ideal for wrinkles and dark circles

“Eyes observe, investigate, find. I chose the ideal ingredients to enhance and light up women’s look. I love looking to the future with courage”

Chiara Catalani } Cosmetologist & Pharmacist, Zoé Cosmetics Founder

Regu Age®
Anti eye bags cream | Anti dark circles
Patented active of natural origin
Biotecnological peptides
Filler effect | Botox like
Biotecnological actives
Wrinkles and dark circles
Skin type
A busy lifestyle can make eye and lip contour very sensitive, thin and not so bright: for a radiant and fresh look you need an eye wrinkle cream that acts on dark circles and under-eye bags
Under eye bags cream
The action on skin
Regu Age®, in synergy with licorice and yeast, reduces puffiness and fatigue signs, boosting the brilliance of the eye area. It lightens dark circles by 50% and decreases by 30% under eye bags
How to apply eye contour cream
Zoe's tip
Apply morning and evening dabbing to eye and lip contour. The ultralight texture makes it the ideal make-up base for eyes, because boosts eye contour’s firmness avoiding the make-up sediment

Data sheet

Skin type
Mature skin and hyperpigmentation
Eye & Lip contour cream
Anti-under eye bags & dark circles
Trattamento antietà
When to apply
Morning, night
15 ml
Benefits and results specs
Zoé cosmetics offer visible and long-lasting results, ensuring cutaneous and eye compatibility. The results may vary from person to person, depending on the skin type and specific concerns. Choose the cosmetic that fits you

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