Zoé: Made in Italy natural cosmetics

Authentic Beauty, Effective Nature


Natural and effective, we can!

I don’t like to settle: I chose shades, and colors

Living the life as a possibility it’s an adventure in which we have to exercise every day: this aim led me to set up Zoé, an effective natural skincare that dares the rules of beauty, not allowing compromise nor commonplace.

My daily commitment is studying deeply cutaneous physiology and formulate cosmetics that ensure visible and long-lasting results, respecting skin balance and its healthy. I love pursuing diverse goals. Black and white life is not for me.

True beauty is in harmony

I like calling it authentic beauty

I believe that the power of a cosmetic formulation lies not only in the quantity and in quality of raw materials, but also in the harmony of the same ingredients. When every active finds its proper collocation with others, it succeeds in bursting out unexpected capabilities, an incredible strength.

The same extraordinary power that a woman can prove when she’s in harmony with herself, with her beauty and the environment that surrounds her.

A common passion for natural cosmetics

For authentic beauty hunters, made by authentic beauty lovers

Chiara Catalani
Founder / Cosmetologist & Pharmacist
Authentic Beauty Lover
Luca Iaccarino
Production Manager / Cosmetologist
Authentic Beauty Lover
Paolo Catalani
Retail Manager / Pharmacist
Authentic Beauty Lover
Francesca Candian
Marketing & Sales Manager
Authentic Beauty Hunter
Marta Capogrossi
Administration Manager
Authentic Beauty Hunter