Restoring hand cream – Brightening hand cream with Hibiscus & Pycnogenol®

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The perfect partner for restored and protected hands. Perfect Hands is a nourishing hand cream with rapid absorption: a natural hand cream with 99% green ingredients, such as Pycnogenol®, Hibiscus, sweet Almond and Sesame oil. A restoring hand cream, with anti-age action, that in addition to nourishment ensures a softer and more elastic skin. Perfect Hands prevents dark spots from forming and lightening the ones already occurring.


Dry and cracked hands

Dark spots on hands

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99% natural restoring hand cream

Nourishing, brightening, rapid absorption / Ideal for dry skin with brown spots

“Every day women employ their hands to imprint a change in the world: they write, design, create. I chose the best ingredients to support their motivation”

Chiara Catalani }Cosmetologist & Pharmacist, Zoé Cosmetics Founder

Hibiscus & White Mulberry
Brightening | Protective
Natural actives

Sweet Almond and Sesame oil
Nourishing | Restoring
Natural actives

Dry and cracked hands
Skin type
Winter and chemical pollutants can put our skin to the test: a nourishing and restoring hand cream is useful to protect against UV rays and smog becoming the perfect partner for fighting external agents
Brightening & anti age cream
The action on hands
The restoring hand cream repairs the driest and the most chapped hands’ skin. It protects against sun damage and pollution, and thanks to the Hibiscus and white Mulberry prevents and lightens dark spots
How to apply hand cream
Zoe's tip
It’s common knowledge that we use hand cream, especially during winter, when our hands are sensitive to cold and wind. With Almond oil and Hibiscus, Perfect hands is suitable for protecting all the year

Data sheet

Skin type
Dry skin
Body cream and treatment
Hydrate, soothe and nourish
Daily care
When to apply
Morning, night
Bottle with doser
75 ml
Benefits and results specs
Zoé cosmetics offer visible and long-lasting results, ensuring cutaneous and eye compatibility. The results may vary from person to person, depending on the skin type and specific concerns. Choose the cosmetic that fits you

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