Non alcohol natural toner with Pycnogenol® and floral water - Astringent & detox

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The perfect partner for a rebalanced and bright skin. Radiance Elixir is a natural toner for face with brightening, detox and antipollution action. The astringent face toner Zoé with Pycnogenol®, Epilobium and Butterfly Bush prepares skin to following beauty routine’s treatments. As a non-alcohol toner is ideal to gently remove impurities and to re-balance the natural pH. The brightening toner Zoé gives an extraordinary radiant fresh skin.


Stressed and dull skin

Pre-treatment toner


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Natural brightening toner for face

Balancing, detox & refreshing / Ideal for oily skin and combination skin

“It’s common knowledge that beauty rituals rise at East, like the sun. I got my inspiration from the women that celebrate their beauty as a brand new start. From East to West, the power of life is concealed in our own skin”

Chiara Catalani }Cosmetologist & Pharmacist, Zoé Cosmetics Founder

Butterfly Bush
Protective | Anti-pollution
Natural active | Origin: Alps

Mattifying | Sebum-normalizer
Natural active

Combination and oily skin
Skin type
Oily skin, characterized by excessive shininess and impurities, suffers from the lack of balance. Oily and combination skin require to be balanced by sebum normalizer products
Detox & Antioxidant
The action on face
Natural brightening toner for face that ensures the balance of skin’s pH levels, preparing it to following treatments. With a detox power, the non alcohol formula is ideal for sensitive skin
How to apply toner
Zoe's tip
What is face toner and why should we use it? It's all you need to remove residual impurities and to bring oxygen back to skin, ready to receive creams and serums. Dab it with hands before the usual daily treatment

Data sheet

Skin type
Oily skin & combination skin
Cleanser, make-up remover & toner
Lighten and glow
When to apply
Morning, night
Bottle with doser
250 ml
Benefits and results specs
Zoé cosmetics offer visible and long-lasting results, ensuring cutaneous and eye compatibility. The results may vary from person to person, depending on the skin type and specific concerns. Choose the cosmetic that fits you

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