Face moisturizer & sorbet cream for dehydrated skin +117% hydration

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The perfect partner for a moisturized and radiant skin. Water Touch is a moisturizing cream for face rich in vitamin B5, Pycnogenol® and Pentavitin®, a super hydrating water-binding agent complex that gives the right amount of hydration. This soothing face cream turns into water when in contact with skin, bringing +117% of hydration to skin exposed to a laser, beauty treatments, aggressive agents or to acne-prone skin.


Dehydrated or dry skin

Sensitive skin exposed to aggressive agents


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Moisturizing cream for face

Soothing, refreshing & antioxidant / Ideal for dehydrated and sensitive skin

“Plants are thirsty, and so does skin. I tell to myself: Why not mime the perfect process of nature creating a new sensorial experience inspired by the power of water?”

Chiara Catalani }Cosmetologist & Pharmacist, Zoé Cosmetics Founder

Super hydrating water-binding agent
Patented active of biotecnological origin

Vitamin B5
Antioxidant | Illuminating
Natural active

Sensitive and dehydrated skin
Skin type
Dehydrated skin is related to a lack of water, a problem caused by physiological reasons or aggressive chemical agents. Dehydration is linked to dry skin, often shine, little elastic anc with blemishes
A moisturizing sorbet cream
The action on face
The moisturizing sorbet cream gives +117% of hydration, thanks to a revolutionary texture, that turns into water in contact with skin, giving freshness even to dry and sensitive skin
How to apply the face moisturizer
Zoe's tip
Apply morning and evening to perfectly cleansed and toned skin. The ultralight texture makes it an excellent make-up base. It’s suggested to preserve the cream in the fridge for a super refreshing effect

Data sheet

Skin type
Dehydrated skin
Face care & treatment
Hydrate, soothe and nourish
Daily care
When to apply
Morning, night
40 ml
Benefits and results specs
Zoé cosmetics offer visible and long-lasting results, ensuring cutaneous and eye compatibility. The results may vary from person to person, depending on the skin type and specific concerns. Choose the cosmetic that fits you

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