Zoé: Certified and safe cosmetics

For authentic beauty hunters

Safe cosmetics for skin

Vegan cosmetics without unnecessary ingredients

Our accurate scientific research led us to select natural ingredients that carry out the same function of synthetic ones, aggressive or even harmful for skin. We choose to make only cosmetics free from petroleum, silicon and parabens, avoiding other harmful useless substances, We say no to PEG, EDTA, animal derivatives, colorants, aluminum derivatives, alcohol, soap, SLES, SLS, Formaldehyde donor, plastic microspheres.

Safe cosmetics for the environment

Cruelty free cosmetics and eco-friendly production

Zoé is a certified ICEA for LAV company (Anti Vivisection League) having subscribed to the standard “Stop animal testing”. Furthermore, it promotes the sustainability of the complete production process, optimizing emissions and using an eco-friendly packaging. In addition, our green ingredients come from sustainable farming.

Made with love, by us

The first rule we imposed on ourselves: NO outsourcing!

As cosmetologists we know to have a great responibility. We formulate cosmetics that women choose every day to face at the best their day: disappointing them would be our greatest failure!

Because of this, we choose to follow closely every step of the production process, from the formulation to packaging and distrubution.

Natural cosmetics based on aware choices

Safe cosmetics for skin and the environment!

The natural ingredients we employ in our cosmetics come from companies that not only ensure a sustainable supply, but also promote the growth of local farmers.


That's why we're different

Every formulation is a piece of art
Perfect synthesis of precise and multi-purpose actives to ensure a enhanced action
Our formula
Reliable suppliers
The programme Zoé works for world promotes Fair Traid and sustainable growth of local communities
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Up to 28% of functional actives
Not only we use high-end ingredients, but we employ them in high concentration
Prodigious ingredients
Internal production & quality control
We take care of every Zoé’s cosmetics, from formulation to packaging
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Proven efficacy formulation
Efficacy of our formulation has been tested by renowned independent laboratories
Proven efficacy
Eco-friendly and safe cosmetics
We choose packaging that reduct at the very least the risk of bacterial contamination and environmental impact
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